Vacuum Insulated Energy Efficient Windows


The mission of the Vacuum insulated energy-efficient Windows (VieW) Technology Hub is to undertake fundamental research and applied engineering, to further the innovation in design and manufacturing, of whole window systems for energy efficient residential and commercial buildings. The VieW Hub brings together the fundamental science, specialised measurement and production equipment, industry collaboration, and outreach programs for the public. Expertise at the VieW Hub has matured over 28 years of research and industry collaboration centered around the physical and optical analysis of glass, the use of selective surfaces for energy control, and the underlying expertise of vacuum science and plasma physics. The interview with Prof. Richard Collins, the founder of this project can be found here.

At the VieW Hub there are on-going efforts in window system design, component analysis and innovation, and advanced manufacturing. Many specialised equipment have been developed to measure the thermal and mechanical properties of the Vacuum Insulated Glazing (VIG), individual components, and the whole window system. Coupled with a materials fabrication facility and an optical measurment lab, the complete spectrum of component analysis, is available to projects undertaken at the hub. Currently there is a high priority on developing high-impact VIG designs that will allow the device to be produced at a cost that is lower than the existing triple-pane gas filled IGU window systems. These designs will provide a build element that has a whole window (including framing) U-value as low as 0.2 W m-2 K-1, well suited for architectural façades, skylights, and even fridge doors.

At the VieW Hub we also provide know-how and facilities to support the development of product of industry partners. In particular, there are ongoing efforts to contribute to the publication of well-developed and applicable international standards, and in support, provide a process of certification of product with respect to the recognised standards.